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I need suggestion… I recently completed and order on fiverr… I asked to client for $60 for some issues to fix but he asked he will give me 100 if I will work on weekend. We both were agree on the terms but when I completed the order he said he got dispute with his client and lost his money. now he is asking me to take only initial payment that I asked first ($60) and refund him the remaining amount.
Please suggest me what should I do. should I refund him or not?

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Hi Isma,

Unfortunately, there is no way you can refund a buyer through the system that’s in place in Fiverr. Besides, since the buyer initially agreed on paying you $100 for the order, you have every right to refuse and stand your ground. If I were you, I’d politely inform the buyer that it is impossible for the buyer to get a refund owing to the lack of a payment system in Fiverr where a seller could refund money back to the buyer.

If the buyer threatens you with a bad review or w/e, or even if he asks you to contact him/make a transaction outside of Fiverr (which is against ToS; don’t do it), I’d suggest that you report him to Fiverr.

Good luck! ☀️

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