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Can I report Them?


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I always wait for buyer requests for sent them offer and get order because i’m a new seller. It’s really hard to get a order by sending buyer requests because a lot of people are trying same thing. But Sometimes some of new seller posting job requests. I know they will not buy anything else and they are also offing same type of gigs what they post for buy.

Daily we can sent 10 offers. It’s not lot of for getting enough order. When I see I lose one of my offer by offing a wrong person who is not going to buy anything else (fake person). Then it’s hurt me lot.
I want to sent offer the right person.

My Question is it, can I report them which those sellers posing job request and doing fun with us like this?

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i am going through the same situation that you are…but my suggestion is to read quickly before to offer them

I already report him. Think this, that’s not right thing what they are doing. The are all newbie they should obey rules.

Every single offer can be opportunity for getting a new order. I red carefully every job request but nowadays it’s going to be complicated find out the real buyer.

If we don’t report them then they will continue this violation.

I have to be clear it with fiverr CS.

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