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Chat review by Terms of Service Violation


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There was a buyer (probably buyer) who listed for website advertising. I requested for buyer request. And he contacted me. And He ask for affiliate marketing. And I refused extremely polite way. And further I explain that I only offer few services only for direct customers. He just wanted to share little of his profit if he got business to his website through me. And He said, I don’t have confidence as most of people out there in fiverr. I just send a reply and before send it, I think, he had reported my conversation as Spam or something. 😀 Probably he might upset and tired by searching for people to do sales for his web. What do you think of this? I just thought to share this experience to think twice before sending offers to buyer requests may be affiliate marketing or commission based marketing. I am quite new to fiverr. Do you think that I have violated terms of service?

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