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29 days on Fiverr...will they promote me to Level 1 or 2?

Guest emp_angela

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Guest emp_angela

Hi fellow Fiverrarians!

Hows things going?

This is my first contribution to the Sellers Forum, and I’m bursting with anticipation.

You see, 29 days ago, I searched the web, looking for someone to create a Whiteboard Animation Video for me, for one of my 4 other business ventures. By chance I landed on Fiverr and thought ‘wow’, so ended up registering as a Seller.

I’ve always known how to sell, and I’ve always had great results with my clients…so I figured I would give this a go too!

Within 14 days, I had conquered the Level 1 requirements and that was with 5 day’s off, being on holiday with no internet connection!

I’m now on the eve of the new seller deadline, longing for the promotion… so that I can really start to ‘make money’ with Fiverr by providing extra’s to my gigs…I’m prepped and ready to go, with numerous gigs mapped out, video intro’s filmed… the big question now…is what level will I be given?

The wait has been hard going, with many buyers, telling me they love my work, and that I should be charging more! I conquered Level 2 about 8 days ago!

I know right now, I seem to you as though I am boasting…its not really my intention. The reason for this post today…is to announce that some of you guys and girls have some very wicked and cool gigs.

But you are presenting them in brown parcel paper, and not the shinny gift wrap with the fancy bows, that hooks people in and grabs their attention.

So, the moment that my level status changes, I am going to upload a gig dedicated to helping you guys and the great thing is, you won’t have to find the money to pay for it, as you could simply use your banked earnings with your Fiverr Account.

In the mean-time, here is what I suggest - to spice up your gig descriptions!

Your service or product solves a problem for someone. Think what that problem is, annouce the problem in your gig and then stirup the issues it gives people, before presenting your product or service as the only solution on the planet that they should consider!

Essentially this is the core foundation process to anything on the plant you may wish to sell.

Of course, there are many other techniques and items of information a really good script will contain…but if I give them all to you here, right now, you’d have no need to hire my services 🙂

So I hereby promise, to pop back the moment I know what level I am promoted to…I will comment and let you all know…and as a sincere big thank you, to you, for reading this post…I’m going to do one last really cool thing!

I am going to pick 3 people from random, who post a comment that is positive and helpful to others, at the bottom of this message the moment I pop back in a couple of days. For each of these 3 lucky sellers, I will write a FREE Sales script for any gig of their choice! (you will need to buy the gig first, with which to get it logged on the fiver system, but which I will complete and refund back to you)!

Happy selling…

See you in a couple of days!



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Guest emp_angela

Thanks dr_joshua…the little graph at the bottom of the Analytics page, says “within two months”…so is a bit misleading that it actually means “after 60 days”!

I might suggest this to Fiverr!

Well, this little insight is not bursting my bubble, after-all I have met all the criteria within a couple of weeks…so true to my word peeps…the moment the Gig is created and my level is upgraded, I will pop back here, and offer 3 of you the chance to have me write your Gig’s sales script for FREE!

Ange 🙂 x

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