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Having this ability would be great! [SUGGESTED AND ARCHIVED]

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I’m sure a lot of you Fiverr sellers may have run into this problem.

I provide an honest gig, and with that said let me say that I can only provide 1 order per person.

A buyer purchases multiple gigs (Same gig, just more than 1 order) and realizes that they missed the areas saying only 1 gig per person.

Now, here’s where my suggestion comes in.

(And I’m sure this suggestion would benefit multiple categories and gigs.)

When you request the order be cancelled (Or they do) because they ordered multiple gigs, the only way to do it is to cancel all the orders. Which, in my limited experience ends up being a lost sale at least 50% of the time. Even though they initially ordered, for whatever reason, once cancelled they don’t re-order a second time.

So. My suggestion? Being able to split up the gigs for completion or cancellation. An example? Jon Doe orders 2 gigs of the same service/product. Currently you have to cancel them all. But being able to cancel 1, leaving 1 active would be a great help/tool and probably save a lot of sales.

There’s my suggestion.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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I have put the gig limit in the gig, and the section after they order… and re-writen it, and put little stars around the words. Ha ha. But really. I have. I think around 30-40% of people don’t read descriptions or instructions. They want something, they get it.

Or, the language barrier.

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Hmmm I love the idea; but sounds kinda tricky. I don’t like cancelling them either. Some buyers try to take advantage I think and some are just really really (forgive me) ignorant. Still some realize that cancellations hurt our ratings and just place orders then “Ask for More” because that’s how they are.

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@bigbadbilly I visited your gigs and do not see where it says one gig per person.

On the Facebook Likes, I see:

"Looking for Facebook Likes? How about 50 of them? - USA and Canadian Only! This service is for Facebook pages and most FB like buttons. - Try my service and find out why $5 bucks is such a great deal!"

On the Comments and Likes, I see:

"I will drive traffic to your Facebook page until you get at least 50 interactions. Likes, comments, whatever. THIS IS NOT A SERVICE FOR new PAGE LIKES/MEMBERS. USA and CAN only! These people will like your posts, photos and comment on things. How long? No less than 1 weeks worth of activity to your facebook page. Ease your mind and look at my rating. Is that worth a Fiverr?"

Where does it say only one gig per person? If you put that specification in the instructions, the buyer will only see that after ordering, which means that sometimes a person will order multiple gigs without knowing about the limit until they are shown the instructions.

Now, having said that, I do know where you’re coming from. I’ve had people order my book trailer gig many times and ask for things outside of the parameters set forth in both the gig information and the instructions. So I too would like to see an option to cancel multiple gigs without cancelling the entire order.

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Reply to @goodgift:

You are quite right. I just looked myself. I recently updated the gig description to make it short, sweet and to the point… and… well… must have missed putting it back in. 'My bad. LOL. The second gig can be ordered over and over forever.

It does say it still on the order details.

Guess I’m glad that I’m always polite to clients and potential clients or I may have been in a heap of trouble. Ha ha.

Anyhow. The original post still stands though, and the feature would be a good one.

(And now, off to edit my gig again).

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