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Suggestion: Increase the amount of offers that can be sent against a buyer request


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Fiverr now limits the number of requests that sellers of a particular level can send to a buyer request.
This may be meant so that buyers don’t get much too many offers for their request and may be to ensure that a certain number of sellers from each level can send an offer to a request if they want to. I assume it is also to try ensure the buyer gets a sufficient number of good quality offers.

The trouble with the current system is that most of the time some sellers, especially unleveled sellers will see hardly any requests (unleveled sellers may mostly see 0 requests).

The other problem with this is that limiting the amount of offers for the different levels of sellers in this way isn’t going to lead to an increase in the amount of high quality offers sent, at least by those with the least amount of time to send the offer. eg. a complicated request is going to take a bit of time to check out (eg. to check the buyer’s video(s) and images and check what they are asking is going to be achievable, in high quality etc.) and can take a bit of time to write a well written, quality offer. By the time a quality offer is sent (even if typed quickly) Fiverr can then give an error because the maximum amount of offers have now been sent for that request from sellers with that level (and refreshing the page will show that the request is no longer there).

What this means is that the sellers who don’t really read/check out the request and ensure they can do what is being asked (by checking the buyers video(s) or whatever) or spend enough time to write a quality offer won’t be the ones who have the best chance of getting their offer sent to the potential buyer (I’m mostly talking about unleveled sellers here). The sellers (especially unleveled) who send the template responses without really reading etc. the request will be the ones most likely to get their offer sent to the buyer. The end result is that the buyer is likely to receive lower quality offers, especially from unleveled sellers than if the amount of offers (and therefore the time available for sellers to check/write the offer) was increased.

Higher amount allowed per level per request = more chance that higher quality offers can be sent to buyers who have entered the request. It will also allow more chance for sellers to see requests (instead of them disappearing quickly/never being shown to them).

If Fiverr want to reduce the number of lower quality offers sent it may be better to reduce the 10 offers a seller can send per day a bit instead of having a low amount of offers that can be sent to a request from a particular level (eg. especially from unleveled sellers).

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