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Delivered files but the buyer is AFK


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Hello, so this is weird.

1 year ago i got the order from a buyer and delivered files.
2 days after that buyer requested revision which i did not manage to finish because i had a period where i had to go offline from fiverr for about a year. I was expecting that the buyer will cancel the order during that period.

Anyways, i got back to fverr 1 month ago and i realized for some reason buyer did not cancel the order even though 1 year passed. So i’ve decided to complete the revision he requested 1 year ago and after that i got the message ( Your order will be marked as complete in 3 days)

Not so long after that buyer went AFK and right now last time he was online on fiverr was 1 month ago.
I delivered files 1 month ago and it did not automatically marked as complete or either canceled order. What should i do ?

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