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  1. Hello everyone, I use fiverr frequently a lot, I’ve never had large issues with this platform and so far, I’m satisfied with my fiverr experience. However, i have just recently created my very first website where i post my portfolio / work due to fact that i’m graphic designer. Due to fact that my website is brand new and i need some traffic on it, i would like to display my website link on my fiverr bio or in my gigs description, just in case people want to look at some more work of me. I would like to ask if any of people know is it against rules to promote personal websites on platform ? Side note: Website is https and has high level of protection so i’m not trying to promote anything suspicious, just want to get more people look into my work.
  2. Hello, so this is weird. 1 year ago i got the order from a buyer and delivered files. 2 days after that buyer requested revision which i did not manage to finish because i had a period where i had to go offline from fiverr for about a year. I was expecting that the buyer will cancel the order during that period. Anyways, i got back to fverr 1 month ago and i realized for some reason buyer did not cancel the order even though 1 year passed. So i’ve decided to complete the revision he requested 1 year ago and after that i got the message ( Your order will be marked as complete in 3 days) Not so long after that buyer went AFK and right now last time he was online on fiverr was 1 month ago. I delivered files 1 month ago and it did not automatically marked as complete or either canceled order. What should i do ?
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