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Buyer who requests FREE extras


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Hi guys and gals!

As a new member I need your take on this …

  1. A buyer places an order for a $5 flyer delivered in high res .jpg (as stated in my Gig Descriptions). In the Gig there’s Gig Extras, among them the option to get the flyer in high res .PDF for an extra fiver. Now - all this is stated in my gig instructions.

  2. I deliver the order within 24 hrs. The buyer waits to request modifications and when he does my gig loses it’s express status as it reads “LATE DELIVERY”.

  3. I deliver a few modifications in med res. The buyer is happy and content with the design but asks me for the high res files and claims he’ll mark the order as completed once I deliver the flyer in high res.

  4. I deliver the flyer in high res .jpg precisely as stated in my gig descr, and now consider the order completed.

  5. The buyer now requests the .PDF and .PSD file for free and when I remind him to read through my Gig Descr and send in an extra fiver for the extra services, he refuses, blatantly accuses me of trying to “make extra money by ripping him off” and says the .jpg is useless for him unless he received the .PDF and .PSD file. I once again clarify that I require $5 extra for the core files and remind him of that it’s all there in my Gig Descrip.

  6. The buyer requests a cancelation, already having received the original, high res. jpg (and is using it on his website!!) and wants his $5 back.

    Stupid, I’d say. Already contacted support and they state they can’t “make” anybody accept a delivery.

    So how do you guys go on about solving these situations? Do you give away the Extra for free cause you’re afraid of bad reviews or do you stand your ground?

    EDIT: I’m thinking about posting a screenshot of the conversation here to warn other sellers of the buyers approach to get free graphics and services, is that allowed? Or am I not to name any names?
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As quoted from another forum:

“Some buyer do not read the description, they place the order and ask you to do the extra work without buy the extra gig. Usually, in this situation, I will request to cancel the order to save our times.”

  • Thing is he WAITED until I delivered the high res. .jpg and THEN asked for the gig extra for free. Had he just stated that initially a warning sign would’ve appeared and I’d cancelled the gig altogether. Now seeing as I spend one hour on his 3500x2500px flyer (this is the result btw:http://i44.tinypic.com/6ht7xu.jpg ) I refuse to cancel the order and not getting payed whilst I see him using my product.

    Everything was spelled out clearly on the offer page. Now I’ve revised my gig and I no longer offer flyers for $5, I charge $20-$40 for the same service now and I’ve since that change NEVER experienced similar issues with cheapskates like the one above.
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Reply to @madmoo:

madmoo said: One thing - if he DOES get a refund, then he has no right to use what you did for him. Not sure how you stop him, but no pay, no rights.

Thing is he asked for the ORIGINAL file in the extreme high res before asking for the extra for free. Probably because he was planning this stunt all along. There's no way to stop him this is the real world, even though he doesn't have permission to use the graphic as he didn't pay for it, he still is as we speak.

I am not refunding :) Sp yeah all buyers out there - if you have a stunt planned, I'm the wrong seller to turn to. I don't do refunds. :)
PS: And according to the buyer I'm a "stubborn fokking idiot" so hey now you all know what to call me
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