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Completing the order yourself - Is this necessary?


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The first day I saw this, I was really confused. I have been on Fiverr for about 4 years and I have never had a problem with auto-completed orders. Once an order autocompletes, I send an inbox message to the client to contact me if there is anything else needed because the order has been autocompleted.

If they have any problems with it, they usually contact me and we resolve it. Either by requesting for an additional fee (if it is not within my revision policy) or simply getting it done for them. No hassle.

However, this is a whole different ballgame. Now WE have to complete the order. This brings a new FEAR into my mind. I am reminded by the message below to contact the client first before completing the order. This further increases the waiting time to get paid.


I imagine that this will be a pain for some sellers, those that sell loads and loads.

This should be a Seller’s decision. Autocomplete order? YES or NO - Somewhere in the options.

Let me give an example that happened to me a week ago ->
I delivered an order and I didn’t hear from the client. 2 days later, I sent a reminder to the client (I know Fiverr also does). On the 3rd day, I got the notification about contacting the client or completing the order. I just wanted to be sure everything was ok. I waited a few more days and after about 4 extra days, I decided to search google for the video I made. Lo and Behold, the client had posted it on their website the same day I delivered (got that from the youtube date).

This is an unnecessary pain for some. My question about this is, If I completed it myself, will the client know I did it? Some may get mad knowing it was the seller and not Fiverr.

I think it should be reviewed. Any thoughts? Or am I the only one seeing this?

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I think this was the one new thing lately which literally everyone agreed is no good, most of us already voiced their opinions when the first people got this new exciting feature 😉 though.

We were collectively hoping for it being a beta and sinking back into the red hot hell it came from though, if I recall correctly, so it’s bad news that the rollout seems to continue.

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So if you’re on a 1-week vacation with no Internet access, the delivered orders AND the money will sit there for 1 week until you come back to manually complete the order, leaving the buyer 1 week to bring chaos through revision requests and whatnot?

If so, who comes up with these Twilight Zone-ish ideas? Do they even put some thought in them at all?

With this feature, and with the monthly review, I guess there are no more vacations anyways - too much trouble and possible consequences 😦

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