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Please Help Regarding Order Dispute


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Hi Friends,

I took on page SEO order worth just 15$ from buyer. I told him that that work took minimum 50$ to analyse full website and all the work but he told me that he had only 15$ left on fiverr. I need a good rating and want to increase my order and work so i agreed with 15$ only. It is a very cheap rate for SEO. I give him following report for my work. but He told me that I did nothing as a work. Whatever I had done work in his website had already completed before by him but then how can I implement those changes? I do all the things but he refused to accept it. URL structure was not proper so that search engine can’t fetch it. It requires coding change, which doesn’t include in on page seo.

His Last Message :

If you don’t cancel this order, I will contact support with a prove of what u claimed u did. If they don’t respond, I will leave a bad review with a very long comment. You and I know that u did nothing. claiming u put alt tag, lying about canonical url link which u never had access to my webmaster, of which I did that myself. Cancel this now

What to do now ? should I took risk for not allow to cancle order or I go to fiverr customer support and complaint against him.

Here is a report I submitted for their order.

Following things are completed.

  1. change in meta description - ( above 160 character was there that was not good.)
  2. remove meta keywords as google does not accept meta keywords any more
  3. add robots.txt file in website
  4. add canonical link in website
  5. Add Alter attribute in Every Image Tag

Website Changes Suggetion :

  • We should have to update internal link structure as it is not SEO friendly.
  • Need to Take care for Broken Links / Dead Links
  • Title tag is very short and it should not be same in all page.
  • Meta description need to change and it also should not be same in every page.

It will be done by coding so you need to contact your website developer.

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