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Once again, how was your week?


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This topic seemed to go pretty well last week, so, here we go again, how was your week?

I will be honest, mine could have been better, it was not bad mind you, nothing bad happened, but it was really slow and I was in a “melted blob” state of being…

No new sales here on Fiverr, sadly, but I did get a job with a translation company in Peru, I am in their system now and I am pretty sure we will work together again.

That ongoing transcription job got a pause because the guys didn’t upload any videos this week (they just uploaded 2 Sunday morning), and I ended up with a lot of free time in my hands, it was good at first but then started to feel bad.

Now I going back to transcription this next week, and I decided to allow at least 1 hour every day to do things like polishing my profiles and gigs, sending emails to translation agencies, proposals to jobs, etc.

Monday its a day to start things, lets hope this week is better,

How about you? how was your week?

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