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Its been a two months

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Please check out my gigs now and let me know that is this ok or need to change something?

Have had a look through the main gig.

You have dropped your prices to absolute minimum!

Is that enough for you to earn in an hour?

Also, “Inbox me before placing an order” is not a good idea. Make your gigs clear, concise and have specific goals for each package. Then, if people need something DIFFERENT to what you offer then they can message you.

Your packages are still too big IMO.

8 hours of research is a lot, needing 16 is unlikely unless it is a major project in which case they will almost certainly message you first. Change it to 1, 2 and 4 hours with whatever price. It will look better and if you price it right, people will likely order the amount ABOVE what they actually need.


1 hour - $5 (I think 10 would be better) 2 questions

2 hours - $10 (I think 15/20) 4 questions

4 hours - $15/20 (I think 30) 5 detailed questions

Specify what each package does and explain the “number of questions” part in the description, not just in FAQ. That is really important info and needs to be seen before people order.

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Please check out my gigs now and let me know that is this ok or need to change something?

I would have a completely different approach to your gigs 🙂

As I understand you’re representing a team of students, right?

And because of that you can cover a range of skills.

Well, why do you wish to offer all-in-one bundle. Why not highlight your talented students and create a gig for each superstar 😉 (You can still have multiple backups for each superstar)

  • Pick you best person for data entry.
  • Create a new gig for only data entry.
  • Promote it as “Hire our data wizard John!”
  • Create a custom cover photo with John on it and his skills related to data entry.
  • In the gig description describe why he’s the best at what he does.

Heck, I would probably even create superhero persona for each team member 😛

Make it fun, don’t overwhelm your clients with a range of services and invest in the artwork / copywriting to sell your services.

Take it as a team building exercise 🙂


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