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Do you think there's a downside to having too many gigs?


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I’ve actually had buyers comment when I’ve had more than three gigs up that they had concerns about my ability to deliver on time, just because it appeared like I might have more business than time (I wish!). But some people succeed with lots of gigs, especially those that have gigs all in the same vein, but each with a different specialty.

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Yes. As both a buyer and seller.

The expression: “Jack of all trades and master of none” comes to mind.

If they are all related, that’s another story. But even then, to many sends the wrong message.

Also, look at it like this.

If a buyer likes your service, and looks at your other gigs, seeing 20 or so just becomes a confusing mess.

But mainly. To many and people start thinking the service must not be all that good. I would focus on a few and deliver amazingly.

The other downside? If/when you become really popular, imagine getting 15 or so orders a day for 18 different gigs. That, alone would be a nightmare.

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