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New designer from Berlin, Germany. First gig when?

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Hello or “hallo!” to you all.

Very nice community here. Just wanted to introduce myself quickly and ask a question.
More infos you can find on my profile page: https://www.fiverr.com/stoeffelmedia.

I am a Media Designer professional and I am looking for jobs on the side here at fiverr.
It would intrest me WHEN and HOW you got your first order here on fiverr, any tipps?!

Thanks for contributing, alle the best for you all!

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Hallihallo 😊
and welcome!
I think in the beginning you have to be very patient. Frequently sharing your gigs on social media helps! Also, if you can already see buyer requests I would send as much as you can every day. This way, you will get your first order and hopefully it keeps going 🙂

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