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Gig down day by day and leaving their position,,


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All i have some problem a few day earlier my gig was on First page and second row for two to three year in Graphics ----> Vector Tracing Category and now it goes down day by and now it has on fifth page …
And i am selling as regular as before but it goes down day by day,
And i have asked from CS but they did not has some proper solution,

And when first i ask from CS for this issues then immediately store my gig but now they did not i do no know why this is happened to me,

Please check this my gig, please check it title, gig description and tags etc and please provide me a proper solution how to rank my gig again to take it position again,

Please check this is my gig,

Thank you for your help,

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Improve your quality and share your gig with friends

Dear friend i have already providing best services and good quality of work but due to some algorithm it down day by day, i have asked many time from CS but they have no proper solution what is going on…

They said it based of Ratting, Feedback etc …

and i have seen there are gig they have almost 50 plus order and they have top and first page,

So what do you think about this…

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