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Let's talk about the first Emotion that was created by the First Sale from you at Fiverr

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I am a person who has a career in the financial system in the European Continent. After years of the long career of 15 years, I felt pleasure, accomplishment, fatigue, consumption and ultimately an overwhelming desire to say ENOUGH. To give so much to someone else and to not be able to redirect your energies to the creation of something that would be totally yours, for me, it has already become something of a disturbing thing. A nice quote for me "You do not have to Work never When you do What you Want" was pushing me to constantly ask myself what I really would like to do. Fiverr was something very interesting to me because it contained what I wanted. Initially, I decided to continue the relationship with the existing work as well as work in parallel with Fiverr. After creating the account and gigs I was constantly present in Fiverr.
At the moment I get the first $50 order, to explain the emotion is very difficult for me. ONLY $50… but it was my first job that I worked for myself. You will not subscribe, but at that moment I felt such emotions even though a $1Billion contract was signed.
Go into yourself, understand what you want and only try to infinitely accomplish it.

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