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Can anybody teach me how to get buyers for my gig as am new in here


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Hi katterj, what exactly are you selling? I will give you an example, you need a good title, I am a graphic designer so I write for example: “I will design a CD Cover for $5” that’s only the title, after that you need to write a description about what you’re selling, in my case I write something descriptive about what Im selling which is “I will design a CD Cover” I will describe what people are going to get, what I will do and what I will not do… so people know what they are going to buy before they buy… also you need to know what category is what you’re selling, in my case my gig category is > GRAPHICS & DESIGN / PRESENTATION DESIGN… THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! you need to add tags so people can see your gig, for example my gig is related to music, so I write down music, cd cover, album cover, mixtape, design etc…

>>>>If you give me a link to your gig I could help you better, I hope this helps you, good luck and feel free to send me a message. GOOD LUCK 😉

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