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No byers! Need help


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So here’s a funny story. I clicked into your gig, trying to see if there was anything to improve on, when I stumbled on some familiar words. Parts of your gig description are copied word-for-word from mine.

What an awkward coincidence!

This reminds me of the Mek-Sel bingo I made earlier. “steals other people’s work and then complains about not getting any orders”

One or two of these are all right, but if you get Bingo you might want to reconsider your marketing strategies. bingo.png.601c2f6d1ff32e3a558ec3455c99752c.png
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How can I improve my gigs and improve gig impression? I really need help. Any tips would be helpful. I promote my gigs but I still dont have buyers…

Any tips would be helpful

Be honest and don’t steal, don’t lie.


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