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I opened an account on fiverr with great hopes :)

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Hi everyone, I am really feeling good for being part of this community. Throughout these 3 years, I am working sometimes as a Freelancer and sometimes as an in-house Designer, but I always dreamt of being a full-time Freelancer. With this great hope, I opened a Fiverr account and hoping for never to look back again to those in-house design jobs. I want to travel the world, spread the peace, talk to new people, gain new but beneficial pieces of knowledge, help the people, and many other things I want to do, for me, for my family and for the society. I created 2 gigs 4/5 days ago approx. (no order yet and I became ill for 2 days) and I created another gig today (now I am enough healthy), and I am planning to add more gigs. Hope I soon get a good understanding and experience in this marketplace, and yes, I hope I can make a good friend in this community too. Thank you Fiverr and thank you all the community for writing an awesome post and sharing your experience with others to help each other.

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