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A problem with a buyer and resolution center


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I have an Issue with a buyer: He ordered a custom order for 40$ (Logo, Stationary design and PPt design).
First I’ve been working on the logo for almost two weeks after returning revisions and un-satisfaction and many almost impossible demands from him, and me, still being nice to him after all that- He wants to cancel the order, and re-initiate an order for the stationary and the PPT.
I told him that I’ve already worked on his logo for 2 weeks! and putting a lot of effort into it, so I can give him something else for the 40$ offer, along with the Stationary and so…
He refused and still wants to cancel.
I know that cancellation on Fiverr means a sharp drop in the number of costumes, and leaves a bad mark for a lifetime on the gig.
What sould I do in this situation? And what happens if I turning to the resolution center?


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You might want to put a limit on your ads for revisions. This lets a buyer know you won’t be working on a project forever. Also value your time, after 2 weeks you have provided way to much time for the gig in my opinion. Try sending one more email and to come up with a solution. If you have done the best you can and the customer is being unreasonable, maybe Fiverr can step in on your behalf? Never allow someone to take advantage of you, as a professional you have to put your foot down. A $40 gig should be an hour of your time. I wish you the best!

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