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I need help immediately - Tips-


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Hello, I’m really embarrassed right now but I’m very desperate too.

I know that this might sounds crazy but I really need help to find buyers for my Gigs. I really need the money, both my grandmas are in the hospital, the situation is very difficult, my family has no money at all, it’s not a lie, I literally have only $3 right now.
I’m trying to find some buyers for my gigs to gain some money and give my family.

I know my problems don’t interest anyone, but it would be really helpful if someone could give me some advice on how to find buyers.

Thank you so much for your time and again, I’m really embarrassed and sorry for sharing this.

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Sorry to hear about your situation. As a fellow writer I’ve looked over your gigs, and here’s what I notice immediately.

Your profile description doesn’t seem super related to what you’re offering. Also, if you have so much experience in computer science, why not offer a programming gig?

Your English article gig: the images are low-definition, fuzzy. Use something more high-definition and compelling. For mine, I just got my brother to snap a few pictures of some writerly images and that was it.

The grammar in your gig description is also flawed. Honestly, I would refrain from offering an article gig unless you’re completely confident in your fluency in the language.

For your Greek article gig, I would write the gig description in both English and Greek to give buyers a taste of your writing chops in both languages.

Good luck!

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