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Feedback change Resolution accepted by buyer, but he didn't change feedback


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Hi Everyone,

I am having an unprecedented issue for one of my order. Due to some reasons, my messages were not seen by buyer. He got frustrated and left negative feedback by saying that I was unresponsive. 😦

He removed all the access and I had to stop working on his project. I explained to him that I replied and have been working on his campaign. He understood that. Then I opened resolution centre and requested for modification of feedback from the buyer. He accepted the resolution and gave me all the access again. But, he didn’t change the feedback. I started working on his campaign again, but he hasn’t change the feedback yet. I don’t know why he is doing that or he can’t change the feedback? Is he allowed to change feedback or he can’t do it at all? Is there anyway to remove his feedback? Can I ask Fiverr support to remove the feedback?

I am very confused. Please advice.

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