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  1. Great Information! Thank you for sharing it with us
  2. Yes, I agree with you. Even during the pandemic freelancers didn’t get affected. There is a good flow of queries on Fiverr.
  3. Your profile looks good & informative. If you can add a few bullet points in your Gig description that would be great to highlight your unique features.
  4. Hello! Welcome to Fiverr. Basic practices helps you to grow fast. Try to reply the client within 1 hour, on busy days at least reply them by the end of the day. And clients love advices , about their websites, their campaign and scope of results, therefore you can provide them free consultations often.
  5. I am not so sure about that. A ToS warning might affect your gig’s rank. But I think your performance stats (order completion %, on-time delivery %, response rate, and rating) also play a huge role in influencing your gig’s rank. Your recent order cancellation might be the reason why your gig’s rank was impacted. Any idea if this would be temporary or permanent?
  6. I am not so sure about that. A ToS warning might affect your gig’s rank. But I think your performance stats (order completion %, on-time delivery %, response rate, and rating) also play a huge role in influencing your gig’s rank. Your recent order cancellation might be the reason why your gig’s rank was impacted. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, I know about the block feature. But, blocking couldn’t have stopped him from cancelling the order. And yes, I do know that completion affects the ranking, but since last 2 months, I have tried to maintain them, but still not improving. I hope it improves in the coming weeks.
  7. There is no such thing like mutual cancellation. Any cancellation will affect your profile no matter whose mistake it is. 2 years back, Fiverr used to have that feature that mutual cancellation won’t affect seller’s profile. But sellers were started misusing it. So, Fiverr removed that option
  8. Hello, I have been selling on Fiverr on for last 3 years and it has been going really well until last month. One of my client asked me to work on his campaign again, but I refused as he demands too much of revisions and pays too less. I worked with him twice before. So, when I refused, I went to support and cancelled the order. He also told support that I didn’t deliver anything. But I worked on his campaign for a week even though GIG was for 2 days only. So, Fiverr gave a TOS warning and since then my GIG rankings have dropped drastically. I can’t fight with Fiverr or client for this. So I let it go. But, now my orders are down by 90% and I don’t know what to do. I have been refining my GIGs since than, but all in vain. Does TOS warning affect this much? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks, Sanjay
  9. This has happened to me before. As per my opinion, I would recommend testing some changes in your GIG. For e.g. try to change something in the description, adjust your pricing, may change the image in the gallery. It has worked for me many times, so it might work for you. Do understand that Fiverr changes their search and result algorithm. So, always keep an eye on your GIG stats and try to take necessary action when you see drop in impressions or clicks for a week or so.
  10. Hi Everyone, I am having an unprecedented issue for one of my order. Due to some reasons, my messages were not seen by buyer. He got frustrated and left negative feedback by saying that I was unresponsive. 😦 He removed all the access and I had to stop working on his project. I explained to him that I replied and have been working on his campaign. He understood that. Then I opened resolution centre and requested for modification of feedback from the buyer. He accepted the resolution and gave me all the access again. But, he didn’t change the feedback. I started working on his campaign again, but he hasn’t change the feedback yet. I don’t know why he is doing that or he can’t change the feedback? Is he allowed to change feedback or he can’t do it at all? Is there anyway to remove his feedback? Can I ask Fiverr support to remove the feedback? I am very confused. Please advice.
  11. Hi Imran, Yes, you can change the feedback later too. There is an option to modify feedback on the order page. So, you can edit your feedback there.
  12. If you only delivered an outline, and that was what your gig description said you would deliver, then just keep the money and don’t worry about it. If the GIG DESCRIPTION said you would deliver something more then he should get a refund. You did not deliver what you were supposed to deliver. It does not matter if it was his fault. Yes, that is absolutely correct. I agree 100%. I always deliver what is promised in the GIG.
  13. That is a concern but given the choice of working for free, or taking the feedback, while keeping their money, I’ll take my hard earned pay every time. It’s like not allowing someone to eat at your restaurant for free just because they are threatening to leave bad feedback on Yelp. Besides, if they leave bad feedback, you get to respond and call them a low life, dirt eating, ass-headed loser. Or even something insulting if you are so inclined. Thank you so much for your reply. It makes sense. Over the years working on Fiverr, I have learned that you can not keep every client happy. There are going to be clients, for whom no matter what you do, who still want to cancel the order. So, it makes sense to keep the money and accept the negative feedback.
  14. You simply reply with this. When you joined fiverr, you agreed to their “terms of service” (TOS) which is very clear as to why this order is not eligible to be cancelled. It states: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.” That’s it, then just refuse. Keep sending that every time they ask. Hi Newsmike, Thank you for sharing your valuable insights. But, what if they leave negative feedback if I keep on declining there Cancellation request? Thanks, Sanjay
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