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Don't Give Up, Got My First Big Buyer/Gig


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Hey Fiverr Community!

I wanted to send some encouraging words to those who are struggling to get their first gig, as well as celebrate a little.

I have been on fiverr for a long time, but only started selling a few months ago.
I had hopes to use this platform for finding clients, not selling $5 gigs.
With 1 gig that has sold 9 times, 5 sales have been in the last 7 days.
None of my other gigs have had a sale and I’m confident I know why. [just need to test my theory]

None the less, my message here is to stick with it.

Just keep over delivering and being of service to your clients and it will pay off.

My most recent buyer bought a $5 gig that has turned into a $75 gig and we’ve just worked out a full time coaching arrangement, not just for him, but for coaching his whole team.

If you’re struggling to get the ball rolling, don’t just sit and keep getting the same results, research the tips posted and test them.

The biggest bit of Love that I share with any of my consulting and coaching clients is to be sure you’re sending your message correctly. If you are struggling, maybe your gig is all about you and your service. What is should be about is your clients problem and the results you provide.

Features Tell
Benefits Sell

Stick with It
Don’t Sit Still
Try something different
Ask Question

Peace & Software,

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