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I can't respond to a buyer request


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Hey everyone! It’s Aizaz here. I recently completed my first order with a US customer. She was a very non-serious person and didn’t made her instructions clear to me. I tried my best to deliver the BEST of me but she was already working with another seller so she wasn’t serious about my messages. Finally, I made the delivery and completed the order.

She gave me a very unreasonable review and a very bad rating of 2.4. Due to such rating, I’m unable to respond to buyer’s requests which are a good source to meet buyers and receive orders. It says,“you must have atleast 90% rating to make offers”.

Now, you’re all requested to please suggest me how to get my rating improved so that I’m again able to respond buyer requests. Until then, I am not able to do anything on Fiverr.

Note: This was my 1st order and the overall rating is 2.4 and no order is in queue.

Waiting for the relevant suggestions.

Thanks for your time to read this.

Best Regards,

Aizaz Nazar

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