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Improve my gig with some advices and critics

Guest studio314

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Guest studio314


My name is Andrei and I am the,let’s say “manager” of the studio314 here on fiverr.My main areas of work would be 3d/advertising graphics.I have two gigs with 3d
themes here on fiverr.Unfortunately lately I haven’t had the time to work as much on my projects,due to lots of school work,as I did in the past and my stats dramatically dropped.
I’m here because I would like to get more serious about my fiverr work and get to work on more exciting projects with more people around the world.

Attached are the links to my 3d product modelling gigs,if you have the time I would greatly appreciate any critics and advices on how to improve them since
my views and convertion rate are on an all time low right now.
Also,unfortunately,I’ve tried searching my gig on the lised category and it seems that even if I use the Available Now feature the search engine doesn’t find it.

So please if you have any advice on how to get out there,advertise and get to know more people I would be awesomely thankful.

Thank you very much,

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