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I Ordered a Gig in error. Within 10 Seconds I cancelled it. Seller Completes, Disregards Cancel Req


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I requested that I wanted a cancellation on : fragglesrock harvesting email gig which had 0 ratings. I am aware and very familiar with the SPAM ACT OF1998 and how strict they acn be to non-opted in users. Even if the tables were turned and I was in his position. He saw I never wrote to him asking for the "niche indusrty, demographic etc…So he signs on, sees the request for cancel. Didnt render any services yet because I cancelled it before I could blink twice, literally. So the way I see it is that, he wasnt out of time or money, because of my mistake on ordering it (which had a CANCEL ORDER?) Tag, he went out of his way to deliver the product a day later. Random email addresses, some could be to people in your office or fiverr members. Just so unethical. And to top it off, I wrote you guys on the cancellation,a t least I hope it went to you and not him. And no resposne for three four days now.

I was told to come here and psot this info, I still don’t know why you guys havent responded to the Resolution Center request. This entire ordeal is so DISCOURAGING that it feels like your making us feel like the 5 dollars isnt worth trying to get back because youll waste more time than needed to regain your funds back. It truly is a 20 dollar Gig. Wow. I own (fragglesrock x4) .com if I ever ignored my customers they would just charge back their card. Im at that point, however, because I know the ramifications that I go through I’ve given you guys a 25 dollar gig for free for playing ring around the rosie.

I am goign to go this route now. I clicked the CONTACT SUPPORT/RESOLUTION CENTER. Eight days ago, Then Seven, Then three…If you guys don’t monitor those requests maybe you should take them down. No offense but thats the only reason I am so frustrated.

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