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Some positivity for the day~

Guest voiceoverphil

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Guest voiceoverphil

I’ve seen some posts today from new sellers about making it to Level 1. It got me thinking on my experience so far on Fiverr.

Some folks on Fiverr make it to Level 1 pretty quickly. Others of us, myself included, have a very slow growth curve. I had one order a month for my first three months. It was very frustrating.

Next month will make 1 year for me on Fiverr. I have completed 20 orders so far in March alone. In both January and February I made more money than I did in my best month last year, and am on track to do the same for March.

So far this year, in less than 3 months, I’ve earned more money than I did all of last year (from April when I joined until Dec 31). I’m a level 2 seller. My main gig is now approaching 100 5-star reviews.

I’m not getting rich yet, but the extra income is beginning to make some small but much needed impact in my life. In January I paid for some dental work I’d been putting off (no my teeth aren’t rotting just needed a couple of fillings, ha ha). In February I made the first contribution to my Roth IRA that I’ve made in 3 years. Again, it was only a 200 bucks but it happened. This month I paid a couple of small but nagging bills, and by the end of the month will have enough to pay for an eye exam and fresh contact lenses. These seem like small things, and really they are, but in my situation those things have been put off because of finances. The work I’m getting on Fiverr is making them happen.

A few weeks ago I made a list of upcoming and lingering expenses I want to eliminate, as well as software and equipment upgrades I would like to make so I can keep improving the quality of my voice overs. I’m hoping that by the end of Q2 I can scratch through at least half of those items, and if the trend holds I should be able to.

I’ve had a few cancellation setbacks in the last couple of months that I’m sure have affected my search rankings. I’ve had some buyers make my day miserable here and there. But the trend still seems to be moving up. I’m looking forward to that 100th 5-star review, and some revamping of my current gigs, as well as adding a few new ones. Fingers crossed that I’ll eventually be able to hand in my resignation at my day job and be in my recording booth full time, producing great audio for clients all over the world!

Anyway, just my thoughts for the day. Hope your Fiverr dreams are becoming reality as well!

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