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Why I don't see my gig under the Online search filter?


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Hello everybody!

I am always online but I don’t see my gig under the Online search filter

Can somebody look if my gig is there please?



Continue to find a way to stand out from the crowd. There are 3000 people offering what you are offering. 2200 of them are new like you. 1500 of them are offering 24 hour delivery.

I started just like you in a saturated space.

If you could bring about 100 customers to Fiverr to order your gig, it would ramp up sales and reviews very quickly for you.

What will make you stand out in the beginning? Price and delivery time. Using a thumbnail that is super attractive may help you stand out when people are browsing the list of 3000 offering.

Don’t worry about your placement in the list. Fiverr will cycle the listing to help with exposure, but at some point your sales, reviews, reply time all could potential be part of the search algorithm. Fiverr is also trying to help a buyer quickly find the best match for their project.

Good luck.

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