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2 Negative reviews


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Hey everyone!

I’ve been gone from Fiverr for about 8 months because of 2 broken legs and a lot of other problems.
Now that i’m back, my Gig (wich was doing really well before) got 2 reviews, both saying: “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

I have 29 other reviews, all 5 stars. But i’m still worried this will affect my gig negatively. What do you think? Do i still stand a chance to pick it back up now that i’m back?

Thanks in advance,


//edit: in case you’d like to see for yourself:


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You still have a chance to rise up. Just make sure you promote your gigs extensively. And to avoid such problems from occurring in the future, always pause your gigs when you go on vacation. That way, clients wont be able to see the gigs and order. All the best.

I did pause my gig. Those reviews were from 2 clients who already ordered, but i wasn’t able to finish in time while i was in the hospital.

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