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Advertising my gig on Google Adwords


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I’m thinking about advertising my gig on Google Adwords.

I have a few questions regarding this, and I hoped someone with a bit of experience doing this could help me out:

  • Is it OK with Fiverr TOS to use PPC networks to directly advertise for my gigs?
  • Is it effective at all? Have anyone tried this?
  • What would be the best alternative: making a website and using that to get the sales via the PPC campaign, and close the sale on Fiverr, or paying for clicks directly to my Fiverr gig?

I would love some insight into this. I don’t even know if it’s “legal” from a TOS standpoint, or if it’s a good way of doing marketing for my Gigs.

Appreciate any input guys and girls! 🙂

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