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Order requirements never got completed


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Three weeks ago I received a new order for which the buyer did not complete the requirements. after 24 hours I used the “send a reminder feature” and also messaged him.

All in all nothing happened. The last login of the buyer shows as three weeks ago.

Now, what should I do?

On one hand if I contact customer support and they cancel the order, will that affect my order completed indicator?

Additionally, what would happen if I clicked on “I have all the information I need” would that make the order start at the preset time for the gig or would it just go late?

Thank you,

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Unfortunately, yes, it would affect your completion rate.

If you tick that you have everything you need, the order and timer will start and you will have to deliver, obviously. If you can deliver without the buyer having sent your gig requirements and have everything you need, why not, but empty or partial deliveries are not allowed.

And if you don’t really have everything you need, of course, there is the chance that the buyer will appear after you deliver and might be underwhelmed, which may result in a cancellation request from their side or in a bad review.

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