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Am I doing anything wrong?


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hi everyone, I have had fiverr for about a week now and I haven’t got any sales yet. I looked at all those “how to get %200 more sales on fiverr” to help boost my sales but nothing seems to work, and I know that its just a matter of time but I can’t help but think that my gigs are the problem. I look on buyers request multiple times a day and send offers to jobs that I think should be easy enough to do for the first time.But each one always gets turned down. So it would be really helpful if you guys could give me an honest opinion about my gigs.
greatly appreciated! 👍






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Since I am not a gamer I don’t really know what makes a good trailer, ( in fact I’m not even sure what game trailers are supposed to do!) but it seems like your gig is one of the types where SNS comes in handy. Do you have a twitter account or something??
I get the feeling if you hang out a gamer’s chat room or gamer’s forum etc and promote your gigs, a good number of them will show interest.
Do you have any gaming buddies? Maybe you can start promoting your gig to people around you first.

Your gig itself looks fine to me…:thinking:

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