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Anyone like me? Bad Situation


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Hi friends

My name is Sujit Yadav and I am seller from India. I left my job and started working full time on Fiverr 3 years ago. Everything was going amazing. I was getting great reviews and my experience was great. I was getting orders without even bidding on Buyers requests sections.

But from past 3 months something happened. I stopped getting orders. I thought it will be for few days. But nothing changed. I tried changing keywords, descriptions. But nothing happened. Where I was doing 25+ orders in a month. I am getting only 5-6 orders only. Most of them are also from old clients. No queries. Nothing. This is my only source of income. I have seen lots of threads like that but now I understood the pain behind those posts.

A week earlier I was demoted to First level seller. I am really in pressure. I know most of you will read it quickly and move away like I used to do. But I really need help or motivation. I am not getting any work and afraid that I will lose the first level Badge too. Buyers request section is not helping.

:frowning_face: If anybody can help me please guide me. I will grateful to you guys.


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