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  1. Helo i hope to know that how to attract customer through profile
  2. may be your net connection slow or use updated version of google chrome or Mozilla Firefox latest one increase your font size too
  3. i think you did not use your fiver account for or a long time or only this gig in your account you may need to go filter and make them active you have multiple option in gig detail such as resum,pause,denied or active so click on active option your gig will display if you did not done any violation through this gig
  4. Okey thanks sir i will try my best to attract customer
  5. Sorry sir what it mean digital tag
  6. Same issue with me also but mostly i wait for customer to offer them my best service very difficulty i offer 10 request per day to buyer but i hope so my level will grow up
  7. That’s great. But you should create your own topic and not hijack the OP thread. Read, read, read you’ll find a ton of topics here to get you started. 🍍 okey thanks you much much
  8. thanks so much i did not got it that is voilation after that i will not posting like this bundle of thanks
  9. once i got my first order and 5 star review then every thing will be goes right
  10. buyer are not display in my wall how to send them proposal
  11. by the way you are so lucky which kind of project you completed and doing second one
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