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  1. @melissaharlowvo and @insects44, thank you both so much for your insight!
  2. Hey, Fiverr sellers! I remember months ago that editing a gig would cause it to be removed from search for awhile, significantly lowering impressions and orders. I wanted to edit something on one of my gig pages, but I’ve been finally starting to get more orders and inquiries and don’t want to lose that momentum. Anyone have a good / bad recent experience?
  3. The same thing happened to me. An angry buyer who asked for too much, spammed me constantly with “are you there?” messages, then started to send abusive messages, and then created a new account to spam me again. Honestly, it may even be the same user. I alerted CS to the issue, and they basically told me there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop this from happening. I’m so sorry you’re going through the same experience!
  4. So sorry you’re dealing with this. In my opinion, buyers being able to purchase gigs at whatever price they want without having it approved by the seller first is one of this platform’s biggest flaws. In my experience there are 2 options, none of which likely result in fair compensation. The first is a good faith exception. If you can explain to your buyer that this is not what is offered in your gig, have sent over a gig extra that has been declined, I would again explain your position, and add that you’re willing to make a one-time exception. I’ve found that the buyer is consequently kind and grateful, and generally makes good on what they owe with a future order or tip. However, if they’re asking for something insanely out of scope of what they ordered (a more than $30 difference), I would honestly just recommend allowing the cancellation to happen. As awful as it is (because cancellation rates now directly affect our levels), it’s so much better to let it go than allow for an out of control buyer to take over your order. Whenever there are warning signs (multiple messages, begging, intimidation, etc), I generally resign myself to the fact that I will have to cancel to preserve my rating (and, at times, dignity. lol!). Your rating will go down, but as long as you get 2-3 more orders this month, you will not take a level hit. I’ve found that in the many, many occasions a buyer has tried to take more for less money, my repeatedly asking them for the fair amount only results in a bad rating. I’ve only had 2-3 ratings that were less than 5 stars in the past, and I’ve found that they hurt my business much more than a cancellation does. Some people cannot be satisfied, and they’re usually the ones asking for more than they know they’ve paid for.
  5. A buyer purchased one written e-learning lesson from me, for which I billed as a base price plus a Commercial License. The same buyer now has asked to order 10 lessons in one order. How would you guys go about charging for the Commercial Licensing? Would you charge a License fee for each lesson? Or bulk it all into one, and just do the base price x 10, plus one License charge?
  6. Congrats, Josh!! This is SO awesome! One day I hope I’ll be able to take the leap into charging more for my VO services. Right now I think I’m hung up on feeling like I don’t have the right tech. Trying to save up for an AT2020 and some home studio space!
  7. About to lose my level Agreed!!! I, and other voiceover artists, have sent the development department so many suggestions and constructive critique over the years, and absolutely nothing has changed. I wish, especially now that they’re promoting VO as a huge Fiverr market, that they would make changes to benefit sellers.
  8. Alright. Going through this again. Way back when Fiverr’s level system changed, I lost my level 2 rating, lost level 1 rating, and then became a no-level seller, solely because I could only get one order within that time, and had to wait for my stats to restart. I have now gone back to having Level 2, and perfect stats, after finally getting 3 orders in my queue and completing them quickly. Well, lo and behold, I’m about to lose my level again. I had two orders awaiting buyer requirements…for two years. Fearing this same sort of ramification from Fiverr and it counting against my level, I let the incomplete orders sit there, sending the occasional message to check in with the buyer. Because they were out of sight and simply hidden under my orders tab, I thought it was fine to keep them as a possibility for a few weeks. After a few months, I honestly forgot about them. Because the Dashboard just changed and showed those incomplete orders in a huge way on my homepage, I realized they were still incomplete, and decided to go into the Buyer Resolution Center to flag them as incomplete by the buyer. I thought that, considering the over 750 days late (on the buyer’s end) situation, it wouldn’t affect my completion score since it wasn’t even available to complete. Today I opened my dashboard. The orders are gone, my completion rate went from 100% to 33%. Fiverr Support says it’s my fault and that I’m going to lose my levels anyway. Truly angry. Fiverr Support has not, and I feel like never will, protect its sellers.
  9. Hi Matt! I don’t get an INSANE amount of orders anymore, so I may not be the best person to advise, but: when I was getting many many orders a week at the start of my Fiverr career (Level Two, 3-4 orders a week), it all was because of the initial 5-star reviews I obtained. Once you have a 5-star rating, with past buyers backing your work with confidence, individuals will be super likely to purchase from you, too. As long as you do a great job on your first 2-3 orders, you’ll be all set! I would take a look at the Buyer Requests and send as many as you can per day, with a nice cover letter explaining your experience and outlining your proposed price. Using this tool now gets me almost all of my orders, and helped me starting out as well. Best of luck, and welcome!
  10. Rebranded (thanks to you and other wonderful new friends!), and got 6 new orders since! 🙂 Just can’t shake this delivery time issue. I didn’t even KNOW we could ask for an extension. Is it free for the buyer?? This will be a game-changer… Haha!
  11. So, with the new eval system, it seems like Level 2 sellers and Top Rated Sellers will have more professional weight in the months to come. But…What about Pro Sellers? We are all working hard to get TRS status (despite possible demotions)… But do you think that, with a buyer’s option to just pick a Pro seller, that TRS distinction won’t matter? If Fiverr is distinguishing certain sellers as professionals in their category, doesn’t that make the rest of the sellers ‘amateurs’, by Fiverr’s standard, in our respective fields? And, if I were a buyer: why would I select an amateur for my project over a professional? I worry that it will make it harder to get gigs…Especially those that are of high value/caliber. Thoughts?
  12. True, but don’t you think that even the lowest rated professional will appear more ‘legit’ to buyers than the highest rated non-pro? Maybe I’m overthinking this.
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