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  1. One of my regular client stop order with me, because i ask him every time to leave a review, i complete 67 orders for him, and give me just 7 reviews out of 67
  2. Simply contact CS and Explain Everything they will Cancel
  3. No its not harmful, you cannot force buyers to leave a review
  4. Congrats and wish you best of luck, Almost new sellers create account and asking on social media how get order. instead join the fiverr forum. here will you will find a tons of articles and success stories and Tips from Experience sellers. which will help you to get your first order. and its good step to join the fiverr forum this will help you a lot.
  5. Yes 100% you can do this and allowed, Linkedln is best place to promote your services
  6. Same here, i don’t know how to fix this, But i have a Suggestion for you don’t edit your gigs, i did this mistake and its 3rd month no clicks and impression on my gig. Wait about 10 days your issue will be solve automatically
  7. My gigs down, i wish to have this feature
  8. Yes its looks great. but i want to see New orders with this New Font
  9. Welcome back to fiverr community, and best of luck
  10. Hello! Friends one of my Buyer threaten to report me to Fiverr, because I don’t work for him. Actually the buyer wants to create the web template before place the order. so that’s the reason I don’t want to work for him, he blocked me and said i will report you to Fiverr. What should I do now? should I contact the CS and inform about this matter?
  11. in this case Fiverr will transfer the current fund to your attached account within 90 days. no need to contact them.
  12. send upwork link in fiverr really big mistake, fiverr is very strict in this case. i hope everything is Ok after review.
  13. no one will buy even if you offer 10 logos for $5, sharpen your skills and make a professional gigs,
  14. i think payoneer charged a Yearly Fee of 25, that's why you have received 74. i am sure this is the case. because payoneer also charge $25 from me per year. check your payoneer transaction details available there
  15. Useful Suggestion, Thanks for sharing I will must use this in my gigs
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