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How get a free work in fiverr?


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i am a level two seller in fiverr,i draw cartoon and caricature for people,you can visit my gig for see my works and my buyer’s feedback
but today i will tell you a real that i experience after 3 years
fiverr is a very good marketplace if you are new but if you work it for 3 years then you understand that fiverr is a good place more for buyers,why?
please order a service of a seller and then tell to seller that it is not good at all and cancel order then even if seller don’t accept it you can use of customer support fiverr,most important thing that i understand, they don’t check message at all.
so you can get a free work for yourself,unfortunately percent free works in fiverr is increased and i don’t think it be a good place for continue if this condition is continue,i think a good marketplace have to be secure both seller and buyer,i will be glad see your view,if you are seller what is solving and if you are buyer how you can guarantee that cancel work after complete deliver.

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