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Scammy Beahavoiour Buyer


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Got a message from this user: ########_work - Profile age : Nov 17, Listed Location:US.
"Banners designing work needed for our company !
We contains 15 banners in which , modification is required we may give $12 for each ! We can share our data on TeamViewer only due to some concerns !
We have editable files in PSD
I’ve attached the entire conversation.


The details that I’ve shared are fake and my TeamViewer was closed, I never tested the details they shared.

Contacted Customer support about it and… surprise :
I got warned,
“To protect our buyers and sellers and to promote a safe marketplace, we ask that you do not exchange personal contact information (e.g. ■■■■■, email, phone number, social media information, etc.).”
I think that’s for running my little investigation, mentioning team viewer(can be used by does not qualify as “personal contact information” according to TOS) and mentioning (not asking or sharing profile information) ■■■■■.
What did they do about the suspect profile:
“Nicole (Fiverr Customer Support): We are reviewing the buyer’s behavior with our Trust & Safety Team. Due to our Privacy Policy, we won’t be able to share any details about the buyer or the actions taken.”
And then she goes to mention my violation of the rules, witch factually maybe but if sticking strictly to the TOS I don’t think it’s valid.

Be aware of potential scammers and don’t jump on good-looking deals before thinking twice.
I would like to see a Buyers vetting system: display their rating, add private feedback available for sellers, etc.

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