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Why are there too many dumb developers and designers of App?


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I tried to be flexible with the designers and developers. They always act like a boss and didn’t listen what I tried to explain. Every time, I asked ONE question if they do not mind to show me their similar design UI screen. They forced me to check their gigs. So, I checked their gigs. I told them the designs are not really clear and not professional. They said oh it is messing for you. What a dumb ever I heard.

I told them, please respect my wish if I would like to request and should be a good service to the buyer instead act like a boss.

What the …?

I always try to contact all different developers and designers. They are still acting like the boss and know everything.

There is very very very rare who is understand the communication and work together easily.

My opinion is they should go to take a class to learn how to service with the buyers before start to work with Fiverr

What is your opinion about this issues?

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There are different sellers all over world. Some can’t understand what you exactly you need, some are doesn’t care a lot while messaging to buyers. And most have skill to do service, but they have poor communication. Next time, you can ask real samples without their gigs.

Another thing, actually gig shows their previous work done through Fiverr. First three mostly can share anything. But after that mostly shows past orders done through Fiverr with buyer feedback…

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