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Hi, you can see my username displayed. I’ve almost always been a procrastinator but in the past, I did offer a gig on here that my customers enjoyed. I shut it down (suspended it) to go into some kind of business with a family member that didn’t work out and decided that I wanted to be able to get the best out of myself and so, I started studying my craft. At this point, I pretty much “get it” but need to practice what I know for it to become automatic and to be able to be competent enough and confident enough to start offering gigs again.

What really inspired me to come back here was a thread about people quitting their jobs and/or earning enough money off of this site to not have to work a regular 9-5 and be able to support themselves. Every day since I’ve been off of Fiverr online, it seems like I’ve been getting advertisements for this site. Maybe it’s meant to be. Maybe it’s all part of a bigger picture.

I know that I have some talent (although, I need to refine it) but I just need to figure out what to offer. I also need to get my confidence back (after practicing) to offer it once I know what it is. The thing is, in order to practice, I need to raise the money for a power adapter in order to use my ability. I wonder what I could offer information wise.

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