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Negative review bad buyer


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Hi everyone, unfortunately I have received a bad feedback.
I tried to meet the needs of the buyer but she paid a basic gig of 5 $ for one revision and one of the two pictures of reference was very blurry. I asked another clearer picture but she didn’t send it.
I also specified she was not respecting the terms of the gig but I finished the same my work aftter the second revision…I usually prefer to avoid the cancellation if the buyer does not require it.
In my opinion these junk buyers are very rude because they pay a basic gig and expect an high quailty service without enough descriptions. Fortunately not all my buyers are like her and they recognized my commitment and talent.

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Sometimes you’ll find that no matter what you do to ensure a buyer’s satisfaction, they will just never be happy. If that’s the case, I would always offer a mutual cancelation on the basis that we’re not a compatible match for a project.

If it’s gone beyond that point and they have left negative feedback, you have two options: to contact CS and put your case that you fulfilled all the necessary steps to make the buyer happy. They may remove the feedback, but they are becoming more and more reluctant to do this.

Or you just take it on the chin, accept that you can’t please all the people all the time and put it behind you. Bury the bad feedback in great feedback and it won’t effect your stats.

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