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  1. This new policy of fiverr doesn’t work.it’s unacceptable to suffer the punishment of the demotions levels from bad buyers or cancelled orders because they don’t read the gigs or change ideas…I’m thinking to find other marketplaces because it does not make sense to continue with a system completely wrong
  2. I worked very hard for two years to maintain high standards. Because of a junk buyer and this damned stupid montlhy evaluation my account has been limited! I hate fiverr
  3. I think it depends by the levels too. I’m hating fiverr with this new policy of the monthly evaluation. it’s unaccetable to suffer level demotions for bad buyers or cancellations because sometimes the customers don’t read the gigs…Fiverr have to look again this policy. Otherwise many sellers I think will leave this marketplace. It has been damaged and I don’t know the reason of all this. My buyers requests are very limited when Fiverr has removed my level. This is too much
  4. I got it, I’m so sorry but I think we can’t do anything. Damned monthly evalutation! They have ruined my business
  5. Illustration and virtual assistant. I have this issue when my level today has been removed. It’s ridiculous! I have all the gigs active but fiverr has restricted my buyer requests 😦
  6. I thought to use other web sites. Fiverr doesn’t support the sellers
  7. I’m afraid that this issue has been provoked from my demotion of the level. This is unacceptable because in this way I can’t promuove my gigs anymore.
  8. I have an issue with the buyer requests because I can’t see any requests of today and of the previous days. Until yesterday I saw all the requests. I’d like to know the reason. I didn’t receive any help from the customer support. My gigs are all still active. Do you have the same issue?
  9. Yes this is all ridicuolus. In my situation for only one negative feedback from a bad buyer in the last 60 days I lost my level! It’s unacceptable. I have all high standards and an average of 4,9. But for this damned review fiverr has removed my level…It’s a massacre for the most part of sellers. According to you fiverr will look again the rules?
  10. Yes fiverr should add a buyer’s profile as well…or at least change the limit of the single option. 90% of all is too high…I thought fiverr counted the average of all the perfomances not the single. This system does not work
  11. I was wondering if the CS read our conversations and rates in the community…according to me the opinions of the sellers are very important for the survival of the web site itself…I hope will change something because is unacceptale this system
  12. I think so. I do always my best to maintain an high standard and I have my group of customers. But sometimes I can’t expect the attitude of some buyers, I hope fiverr will change this evaluation. It does not work and the sellers are not supported from the CS
  13. I am in fiverr for more than two years and I finished many positive transactions. This new ridicuolous montly evaluation punishes the sellers. In my account for one negative feedback from a bad buyer fiverr removed an entire level! I have all high standards but I suffered a further demotion for a rating of 4,7 in the last 60 days (one only star from a buyer who has offended me). I have no words. It does not make sense to have more than 300 positive feedbacks with a rating of 4,9 without a level 😦 This system is defective. Do you have a similar situation? Let’s talk about.
  14. For this bad buyer fiverr has also removed my current level! I have no words for this ridiculous monthly evalutation! I’ll provide to see other sites too because I got tired of these ridiculuos rules.
  15. 5 days but this buyer didn’t want to collaborate…I closed the dispute and left a negative feedback. This buyer has insulted me and wrote the fake.
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