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  1. Since it is an outside project that has not been done through Fiverr so No worries! Your client won’t be able to " destroy your online activities". He/she does not have the ability even if he/she has the intention too. All you have to do now to just be calm! Block the person.
  2. @manikehhsan54 @shahadat_tonmoy check it out
  3. Fiverr does allow us for both to sell and to buy gigs.
  4. Give yourself some time on here . You will be learning more about Gig ranking and parfection 🙂
  5. Sounds like it’s IP address problem.Fiverr may be temporarily blocked your IP address.Let CS know you have been facing this issue.
  6. That’s the question.Promoting on social media isn’t that easy :thinking: .I did not get any answer yet that would work.Let’s see what social media marketing experts say 😃
  7. Try to engage your GIGs on social media .Sharing gigs on social media may increase your gigs ranking.Do research more on catagory that suits your gigs.
  8. Praying for you .Best of luck ! See you soon level 1 😀
  9. Congratulation!! Best wishes for your more upcoming success!! 😃
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