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Help me improving my gig!


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Hi guys, in the past month my sales were really low and I don t know what I am doing wrong!
Can you help me please improve my gig appearance?Thanks!


hamzaelhassani : I will make amazing logo,b card,letterhead,intro video and...

For only $10, hamzaelhassani will make amazing logo,b card,letterhead,intro video and other. | Hi !A basic business card will never speak your business But trust me, in my way i improve that! I know how to get customers | On Fiverr.com

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Hi, I hope you are doing good 🙂

Well i just checked out your gig. There are some factors which needs to be improved :

  • First of all choose one thing 1 - Logo Design or 2 - Business Card. You just mixed up both things in one gig. So try to separate them you can make 2 gigs. One for Logos and One for Biz Cards.

  • As you are providing Logo Designs so its better to use some GOOD and ATTRACTIVE Samples. Current ones are like its kind of a webpage or something like that

  • The MAIN fault in your gig according to me is that you didnt choose the logo type you are providing like Minimal, 3D, Vintage etc

  • Be simple and clear in your Gig description.

  • Focus on TAGS! Believe me they play a very IMPORTANT role 😉

Good luck mate!

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