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  1. I get impressions and clicks but not getting any orders.
  2. I am new seller. 1 month ago I join fiverr but till now I don't even get a single brief.
  3. @smartdezigns Fact is your behavior is also not right with new sellers. And this is first time I asked about buyer briefs. Nothing else. Now only I can do report on your comment.
  4. @smartdezigns yes I turned on the "Get Briefs" feature. and when I said only experienced sellers have all the privileges? I just ask about something which I don't know. Try to be polite with others. Your words are very harsh. If someone is new here and don't know about something he/she asked here doesn"t mean he/she is not skilled on the services he/she provide.
  5. It's almost 18 days I open my fiverr account but don't get any Buyer Briefs. My Gigs has good impressions and clicks. Don't know why still I don't get any Buyer Briefs. Is it normal? Or only experienced sellers get Buyer Briefs?
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