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I am level 1 seller, But my sales have reduced from before?


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i Wait More Than 2 Year How Can I Be Patient

So wait, you’ve been on Fiverr since November 2014, almost 3 years ago, and only recently got to level 1? Look, it may just be me, but you got a lot of bad reviews. Tons of your previous clients are telling you that you can’t do what you claim to be doing. Your last order was over a year ago, so to me, that means you are not even trying.

There are multiple levels of marketing your gig to clients, which includes providing great service and being accurate with what your skills are. If you are not providing any extra marketing, and your old clients are saying that you are not even trying, and you are not seeming to be actively seeking clients, why should anyone invest their money in you?

I wouldn’t invest my money in you.

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