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Ask Sellers Questions - Most Common Questions


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Oh boy I am excited… I just decided to start a marketing campaign and need a flyer to distribute. So I jump on Fiverr and search for “Flyer Design” and get back a bunch of results. I start browsing through profiles and looking at portfolios. I really want to just pick one and get going.


Unless your are 100% sure of your choice, stand back and assess. First, read the description to see what you will receive. and most importantly, ask questions to ensure you are clear on what you will receive and what you need to provide. For example, a great question may be, “Will I receive revisions if I am not completely happy with the design?” Asking a few questions is a good idea so that you and the seller are communicating from the start.

What are the most common questions a buyer would ask a seller?

Once questions are posted, vote on the one you think is the best by clicking “like.”

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