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Gig Request Review Option


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Hi all,

Let’s say that you have created a Gig here on Fiverr but before the buyer can really start the business, you would like to review the request before accepting it in order to avoid cancellations or bad results. This could be achieved by a simple Gig option to don’t start the count-down while you do not accept the buyer’s request over your Gig.


  1. Let’s say you are offering a Java program development Gig. You will display your requirements and state your Gig’s base like the number of methods or classes. But, what if the buyer request fits the requirements but the real work will be extremely hard (you can have one method with thousands of lines).

  2. You are offering branding services but the buyer simply don’t own the necessary knowledge and/or potential to make this start-up at all. So, how can you produce something that neither you or the buyer knows how it is suppose to work? Example: Instead of doing designs, slogans, website, brand names, banners or social pages - you will be trying to figure out what is the business, it’s core values and market potential (so, your branding Gig is now a business and market consulting Gig).

What do you think about this simple and yet powerful idea that would bring a more solid deal? Since you will have the buyer’s actual needs and a way to guide the necessary steps before actually doing something.

My best wishes,

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